Resorting to fear to gain respect

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  • Tanya Wicht

    Wasting police time is a crime in some places.

    • Supaapple

      Then the neighbors shouldn’t call the cops.

    • Flingebunt

      It is all part of the plan

      Step 1, create fake bodies and put them in front of the dumpster
      Step 2, neighbours find out that they are fake bodies, by calling the police or just kicking them and realise they are not people
      Step 3, they are not picked up by the garbage service
      Step 4 (you see it is all part of a cunning plan) put them in the dumpster but people see them and not worry about them, just think you are a little strange.
      Step 5, start killing people and putting them in the dumpster, no one notices or cares because they are used to you

  • Entity

    But they still collect the trash left outside the dumpster? Mine won’t collect if the lid is slightly ajar.

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