*Patient slips Doctor a $20 bill*. “How about u knock me out again!”

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  • Vee Unit

    So… eight eyes?

    • Das Puggy

      We will have to get your vision checked again, woman.

      • Amber Mari

        Bro, you missed the joke…

        • Raedwulf

          ok, humor me.

          • Amber Mari

            double vision while coming out of anesthesia… 4 eyes will be 8

          • Raedwulf

            If you say so… I kind of woke up like I always do. It was a good nap.

          • Amber Mari

            Well good for you. When I go to an office that puts people under, I will request you as a patient.

        • Johnny Alpha

          what joke?

          • brujah1381

            When you’re coming out of anesthesia a lot of times you have double vision so the guy with four eyes will appear to have eight in your drug addled stupor.

          • Johnny Alpha

            given the drugs I use, I thought we already had 8 ….?

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    That’s a stabbin’.

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