Proof that bats are really just sky puppies.

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  • Johnny Alpha

    ‘sky puppies’ ;D

  • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

    …in the same way that rats are sewage puppies.

    • Entity

      Most rats aren’t sewer rats, and they make very good pets. Affectionate, easy to train (including litterbox training) and they clean themselves.

      • My ex had (has?) a bunch of rats. Really friendly little creatures, loved to climb on humans and hide in peoples’ clothes, and very much loved it, when you gave them some attention. They weren’t very clean, though, as they’d piss all over you in an effort to mark you.

        • Entity

          My ex had a daschund. It was the loudest most annoying thing, constantly yapping right at you. The dog was quiet by comparison.

      • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

        Rats, which are in the sewer, are – by any understanding – ‘sewer rats’. This however, does not disprove the fact that they can be a wholesome pet to have in the house and cook you dinner by pulling your hair.

  • The People’s Poet

    Bats are great, until they bite you and you die.

    Source; Family friend was a wildlife rescue officer who died after being bitten by a bat with rabies.

    • Daniel Emberton

      this can be true.. but i like to compare them to like wild rats and pet store rats.. they can be pretty nice when raised form a young age.

  • Daniel Emberton

    most of them..some will kill you..

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      Right! 98% of them carry deadly diseases, and the rest are vampires in disguise.

      • Johnny Alpha


  • Richard Rejmer

    That’s an Australian fruit bat – also known as a ‘flying fox’
    They are carriers of rabies and now they carry Hendra Virus, which is deadly to horses and humans. .
    They are noisy and they fill the trees with thousands of bats, shitting all over the place and being a general stinking health hazard. .
    “Sky Puppies”?. . I think not. .
    More like “Sky Cunts.”

    • Johnny Alpha

      your average dog has issues too

    • Mrs. R. Gumby

      Hey, people are worst and we sometimes think they are cute

    • Entity

      More people are killed by Australians each year than bats.

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