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  • Mounty1103
  • clok

    Hmm mixed on this, most sequels are bad, not all but most. its not like they are succeeding with the current method. But making it all female just to do it seems silly too. And (maybe i am missing some) they are 1 for 1 right now, Ghostbuster was considered a flop (I enjoyed it, not great, but still fun) and i hear the new Oceans movie is good… i guess time will tell.

  • BearnieZardoz


  • Galina Evdokimova

    which movies?? names please

    • Phil

      Ghostbusters and Oceans Eight spring to mind, there was a Hangover-style film recently as well.
      I’ve not seen any of these films, but there have been a few all female remakes recently.
      Are they unnecessary? Dunno m8

      • Galina Evdokimova

        ghostbusters were in 2016(it was unnecesary). ocean eight fine its this year. i just hate the statement – every new movie 2018, cuase i cannot think of anything but ocean’s….

        • the dude

          they will probably make a Blues Sisters.

  • RaddClaw

    Seriously?, “EVERY NEW MOVIE”?… they “RE-MAKE” a few of them with female cast and you get too annoyed?, you know there’s thousands of movies around the world you can watch you know?, not only the mainstream stuff Hollywood makes

    • BlackSwan

      Thank you.

  • Yuki-Hime
  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Incredibles II?

  • Inaba

    e3 is all bad ass lesbians stabbing things this year…

  • Tanya Wicht

    So remaking old movies is fine, so long as you don’t increase the number ow women in them? I cannot understand why they remake so many, there are millions of great books, that would make great movies, if only hollywood would learn, the story line counts, it is not just pretty faces and big explosions.

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