Waking up to a strange sensation

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22 points
  • Fobia(Kadin)

    Slap that child

    • m4a4

      Would certainly be a quick and easy lesson for such a brat.

  • Amber Mari

    What the hell? What did he do with the hair?

    • MrPotato

      Nom nom nom

    • lizziesmama

      Hey flight attendant – there’s a hair in my pretzels.

  • Inaba

    i interperated this as someone asleep on the seat in front going “what the fuck am i touching?? and snapping awake

  • Bruce Leroy

    Guy: Mam, can you please tell your child to keep his hands to himself?
    Oblivious Mother: You can tell me how to raise my child!?!
    Guy: Well, mam, I am obligated to tell you that I am a registered sex offender.

  • Fap God

    I would have punched that creepy fuck in the face

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