It’s Gonna Be A Long Night

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  • m4a4

    …What? How do you mix up brown milk with black coffee?

    Anyways, that stuff can be close to 2x stronger than coffee. What a night that must’ve been.

    • Amber Mari

      Maybe it was already mixed with creamer and put in one of those starbuck’s bottles that look like milk bottles.

      • m4a4

        Ah, maybe it was mixed. Here, chocolate milk is usually in a brown carton (pre mixed).

    • Tanya Wicht

      Might have been a bought one, not a good home made one – one of my favourite things about summer. (It is winter now – I am cold and not in the mood for cold brew coffee)

      • m4a4

        It’s summer here now 🙂

  • Johnny Alpha

    I will never forget the day one of the dirty daughters knocked back a 4 dose espresso
    (it was cold & was saved for making a coffee-ginger cake)
    it was a looong night!!

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    OK it’s funny as a joke but…first, a toddler is unlikely to drink more than one sip as coffee is bitter which is an acquired taste. Second, if a toddler drank an entire glass of cold brew, you better call a doctor’s office or take the kid in to urgent care because that’s a fuck of a lot of caffeine for that tiny body which presumably has not built up any tolerance for the drug. Very large caffeine overdoses can and do cause fatalities.

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