My daughter was excited for her first computer homework, but then she had her first experience with Windows Update instead

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  • ComputerPony

    I feel like that’s more your fault for not updating your computer when it needs it.

    • Das Puggy

      Windows does not tell me I need to update until the very worst possible moment.

      • ComputerPony

        That’s true, they don’t give much warning. But I mean… There’s no way it coincided exactly with a child’s homework. More like that parent did it that way just for the meme.

        • Vader

          Nah, mine chooses to coincide with a corporate skype meeting.

      • OhPoop

        My Windows 10 has been good so far. The worst I have with it is the apps always updating and bogging my internet speed down and when service packs are installed the reboot can take a half hour.

      • AcidMan

        OH MY GOD, I postponed an update yesterday for 4 hours and then without warning it restarted me while I was in a competitive match. I guess that’s what I get for postponing Windows update.

    • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

      It’s funny how people with very basic understanding of how a PC works complain about it’s operational speed and productivity. Then again, we have people who can’t run 400m swearing at professional football players who run miles each game. 😀

  • Johnny Alpha

    nice cushions tho4

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