True words posted at a bar in Chicago

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23 points
  • The People’s Poet

    *dick pic.

    • Vava

      So is that 12 copies of the same pic or 12 different dick pics?

      • The People’s Poet

        12 different pics of the same dick.

        • Vava


  • Johnny Alpha

    Why do I have to challenge a bar in Texas, there’s already 3 near me

  • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

    How is it already unanswered if it hasn’t been sent?

    • Flockacox

      You know how texts work, right? It is implying that the last 11 were sent and never a text returned

      • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

        Bruh! You know how cause and effect works right? For a text to be unanswered – regardless of what has happened before – it has to be sent first. An un-sent text is just a note brah…

        • Flockacox

          Remember.. It’s a drunk person.. No need to be ultra critical on the verbage

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