Windy day at the park.

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  • AcidMan

    I hope no one was in those, jesus h r christ.

  • a455olds

    So this what they mean when they say “shit storm”.

  • Amber Mari

    Oh… this is just terrible for everyone involved.

  • Entity
    • mauq

      I am just now realizing I have never seen this movie.

      • Gregor

        Go for it, you truly have to watch it

  • Flockacox

    Holy shit!!!

  • Cole

    That’s not real, surely?

  • Brian Gappa

    Mom, this rain tastes funny.

    • Gatekeeper


  • Richard Rejmer

    I wanted to hear fart sound effects throughout the bit where the toilets take off.

  • Tanya Wicht

    Can that happen, even with out storm clouds? I think it is a tornado? The only time I have seen them, was in storms. I am confused, the strong gusts, but the clouds don’t seem to move. Off to google – back and still not sure – it could be one of these, or whirlwind/dust devil, or “An exceptionally rare Clear Sky Tornado has been reported from the vicinity of Navahrudak, Belarus. The phenomenon is actually a severe horizontal wind vortex with no visible condensation, associated with evaporative cooling of air due to virga from altocumulus and selective wavelength filtering of sunlight through particularly uniform cirrocumulus clouds. The vortex is tilted vertically by dense local fog layer breaking the capping inversion. A 25-km long and 300 m wide damage track has been reported with estimated EF3 damage. Clear Sky Tornadoes are exceptionally rare: the last confirmed case was reported exactly 37 years ago.”

    • Gatekeeper

      Only in America! We have some of the most f*#ked up weather on the planet!

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