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  • Daniel Emberton

    ya not looking hard enough..

    • perthaussieguy


      • Flingebunt

        Chinese don’t have much trouble with L and R, maybe southern Chinese have trouble with L and N, not L and R. You are thinking Koreans or Japanese.

    • AcidMan

      Sure, I’ve seen Chinese buffet commercials and Panda Express, but I do not recall ever seeing any local legendary Chinese food places on TV, ever.

  • Das Puggy

    The Mandarin.

    • Shivers

      They simply won’t shut up. I swear they have festivals on like, every other week.

      • Das Puggy

        I only miss it because I have satellite radio in my car.

        • Shivers

          I’m too cheap to get satellite 😛

  • Unbinding Boat

    Mr. Chau’s used to have commercials all the time in the mid-late 90’s.

  • Entity
  • Dragonofarbitration

    We used to see them at our local cinema before the film, waaaay back in the day.

    • Johnny Alpha

      more usually for the ‘Taj Mahal’

  • Kate Blackwell

    Never seen a restaurant commercial period, unless it’s like McDonalds which shouldn’t count.

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    I have

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