Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?

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  • seth clammy

    but then you remember that a new one is like 20$ if you’re lucky, so you rush anyway

  • OhPoop

    My roommate in college knocked on my door telling me I had to take him to the hospital he had broke his arms the night before when drinking with his swim team. He went down a hill on a Razor Ripstick, they just came out and they were playing with it, he made it to the bottom slipped and fell, which he caught himself with his arms. He was sleeping it off when he got a call from his bank about 4 fuel purchases back to back, and $60 spent at McDonalds. He had left his wallet at the bar before the accident. After the phone call his arms hurt and he came and got me. In the end he got his wallet back, minus is card and $3, and his arms were not broken just very sore.

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