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  • the dude

    that cop deserves a raise.

    • Harsh Puppy

      The hero we need and the one we deserves.

  • Jake

    If I was a highway patrolman, I would be doing that all day.

    In rush hour traffic, left lane loafers lead to road rage.
    Road rage leads to reckless driving.
    Reckless driving leads to accidents.
    Accidents close the road and now everybody is late to work.

    All because some douchebag is more important than anybody else and goes slow in the left lane.

    • DigitalHunk

      Cruising @ 55 MPH in their Stupid Hybrids – in the left most lane ( and use Car-Pool lane in California )

      • Tim

        or any vehicle, hybrid or not

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    There’s a two-lane road between Seward and Anchorage in Alaska. It’s very scenic, and every few miles there are large areas to turn out and park. There are also signs every few miles ordering you to pull over to let other cars pass if you’re going under the speed limit, and stating it’s illegal not to do so if there are more than five cars behind you. This is necessary because lollygagging tourists clog the road so locals can’t get through.

    The day after we went to Seward (stopping often to view the mountains and take photos) I heard some lady loudly complaining that her husband got a ticket for going–gasp!–UNDER the speed limit! She was going on and on like it was some huge personal injustice to them that the mean police gave them this ticket when they were clearly doing nothing wrong since they weren’t speeding!

    I am proud to say that I held my tongue. Speaking to her about it wouldn’t have done any good, y’see, because her viewpoint was based on selfishness. If she was just so stupid she didn’t notice all the signs and turnouts and honking cars behind her, I don’t believe she’d have been able to master language and therefore wouldn’t have been complaining. No, in her mind, the only things that mattered were the things that were important to her.

    • Arse Clown

      she sounds like my sister :/

    • BearnieZardoz

      your reasoning sounds the way I feel about people. That’s why I most often call the cops right away, not going to walk up to them and tell them, if they are such assholes doing something idiotic, they getting to common sense on their own, they won’t get words through their brains.

  • Phoenyx

    In the state I was raised, you could do that if you were speeding, and in the state I went to undergrad, you could if you were going faster than the speed of prevailing traffic. One time in undergrad, when my boyfriend was driving me somewhere, he got pulled over and the cop said it was for driving in the left lane. I mentioned I was just reading that law and that I thought it was only for those going slower than prevailing traffic (not to contest anything, just making conversation and whatnot). He then gave my boyfriend a warning notice citing the other half of the law, which refers not to driving in the left lane on freeways, but to driving in the oncoming lane on smaller streets………

  • Entity

    I didn’t think that was a rule in the US. Whenever I have driven there no-one rarely move out of the right lane to let you go. I remember being told it wasn’t a rule there and I thought it was quite a good anti-speeding policy because it makes speeding hard even with only a few other cars on the road.


    Come to Germany and watch the motherfuckers stay in the middle lane of a 3 lane Autobahn, despite honking and indicating for them to get the fuck over. It makes me want to follow the cocksuckers, and then pound the info into their crap filled fucking skulls.

  • jBry562

    Must be nice. In California people do not know the meaning of fast and slow lane. They pass on the right and go 80 in the right lane -_-

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