The secret to long life

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23 points

    Oooh, THAT kind of take…..

    • Johnny Alpha

      ‘ravage’ , ‘rape’ – she might even be up for a bit of pillage …

      • PATMAN

        Nah, wrong hairstayle.

        • Johnny Alpha

          good call!

  • Vladislav Richter
  • Amber Mari

    So I’m guessing the 20 somethings in my country shouldn’t really worry about the healthcare bin fire? Like, all our shit is totally fucked, so going by this, we should be ok?

    (No, but seriously the housing market is fucked. My mom bought our apartment in ’95 for $15,000 and now they’re going for $125,000. How the fuck?)

    • Ara Raven

      My mom bought her farm in ’91 for $200K, sold it early this year for $1.7 million. In that time, the population of the surrounding town increased by about 400%. Increased population, increased demand, increased costs, plus that farm has one of the most beautiful views in the state.

      Meanwhile, a few towns over my boys and I managed to nab a sweet little ranch-style house for $300K. The house is a quarter the size of the farmhouse, on maybe 1/10th the land. And we consider ourselves highly lucky to have it.

      Fucked? Maybe. But this is our economic landscape, and we have to live in it.

      • Amber Mari


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