The GIF that just keeps on giving…

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  • Fokke

    You’d almost think it’s scripted.

  • Martin Kamenov Georgiev


  • Mounty1103
    • Cayne

      this… all of this

  • Karen


    1. Is this actually real?
    2. If so, where is it?
    3. Nup. You’re shitting me. Can people even BE that dumb?

  • Daniel Emberton

    patients these people have none of it.

    • Mike Donovan

      My mother always wanted me to be a doctor, but I never had the patients for it.

  • John Matheson

    That’s a bold choice of words on your yellow T’shirt yellow T’shirt wearing man. Sea Snorter.

    Fun fact, when saltwater enters the lungs, usually through drowning occasions, even after the lungs are exhaled of water the person can suffer a secondary drowning. Often hours after when they’re resting.

    The Salt in the water, which now lines the capillaries of the lungs draws moisture out of the tissue through osmosis and drowns the lungs for a second time. Rule of thumb, if you or anyone else inhaled sea water get them to a hospital to be monitored.

  • Я Безымянный

    The spot is cursed, perhaps.

  • Chris Thomas

    Is everybody high?

  • Patchy

    Where the fuck is this place and why are people like this?????

    Let me tell you something. I grew up in the country. Podunk, USA. It was only after I moved to the city (Metropolis, USA) that I finally see people like those you see in these gifs. I’ve never seen so much stupid in all the years I lived around rednecks and low-IQ individuals.

  • lizziesmama

    I wanted that van to flip on its side.

  • m4a4

    I think this gif sums up my dislike of driving with other people on the road…

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