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  • Johnny Alpha

    clever =/= intellect

    You can be as intelligent as Tesla but if you don’t enjoy your life, how clever are you?
    You could be as thick as pig-shit but if you enjoy your life, how stupid are you?

    • http://lemonparty.com/ Anna Troll

      Sometimes it’s just us trying to survive more than us trying to enjoy life. Sometimes we are trying to survive and hoping to enjoy later.

      • Johnny Alpha

        sweetie! I hear you and life hasn’t been easy on me recently but we’re here together! Hugz and Squags – les bises du France ; )

        • http://lemonparty.com/ Anna Troll

          I want to go to France for two things: food and art. Literally nothing else.

          • Johnny Alpha

            I can arrange free accomadation ( with one of my lady friends!) , we’re 2 hrs (max) from Paris …….. whenever you want!
            come single or bring a friend …… no probs… you have a friend this side already!

            PS: Le Havre, Normandy – lots of cheese 0_o

          • http://lemonparty.com/ Anna Troll

            … How many last friends do you have? If you have enough I may ask you to hook me up.

          • Johnny Alpha

            ‘last’ friends?! J’ai des amis ….
            and we started a club called ‘Those Charming Men’ – easy entry, you have to be single, aged over 35 and be prepared to .. je sais pas comment traduire … ‘help out’ ?

            We look after people in our ‘quatier’, make sure the wrinklies are looked after, go for beers, have fun!

            Even those who find ladies are allowed to join in (I got a 2 month ban before we changed this law!!)

            I can’t promise romance, but I can guarantee a bloody good time ;D

          • http://lemonparty.com/ Anna Troll

            Lady, not last. Smart ass.

          • Johnny Alpha

            yes, lots!

          • https://www.facebook.com/introvert.in.its.natural.habitat Anh Thư

            am… am I welcomed? wanna go to Europe bad but money is tight and I don’t have anyone to go with…

          • Johnny Alpha

            All and any Losnappiens are welcome ….. just don’t all come at once !! 0_o

            Seriously sweetie, the same deal, I can get you lodged, show you the sights and you can have day trips to Paris, Rouen, Deauville …..

            The world is your lobster 😀

          • https://www.facebook.com/introvert.in.its.natural.habitat Anh Thư

            oh ok I’ll let you know. planning to go to at least one European country before I turn 30. promise I’m not a serial killer.
            if you ever visit Houston (not sure why) let me know.

          • Johnny Alpha

            Coool! As P J O’Rourke said once “you can’t swing a cat in Europe without sending it through customs”

            Promise I’m not a wierd sicko ;D

  • Vader

    Pompous bag of shit.

  • Kelvin

    He says his IQ is 167, and his wife is 78. He’s probably talking about her age.
    I think his supreme intellect will figure it out.

  • https://www.facebook.com/introvert.in.its.natural.habitat Anh Thư

    reminds me of this germ i found on Tinder. I found this guy to be condescending and im trying justify the way I feel. and the answer is probably the last line. I think judging one’s intelligence based solely on their IQ is the mental equivalent of judging one’s health based on their BMI.

    • Stephanie

      Sounds like a winner! What a douche lol

    • Mike Donovan

      >Sets “must be above” parameter
      >Defines limit as a range of numbers

      Yep, definitely a genius.

  • Guestimus Prime

    Hawking – it’s fecking Hawking not Hawkin !!

  • daverbes

    Facebook IQ tests don’t count for much…

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