It’s love. And those hands.

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  • Carlos the Dwarf

    Didn’t see the tie until my second look. How much more will it take for Mekel to kick his ass, and will the secret service conveniently look the other way.

    • Gatekeeper

      He’d grab that puta by her stinky coño and she’ll probably just fall over dead!!

      • Johnny Alpha

        I won’t give you examples, but dig, ask around, find the quotes ……

        and the truth is that Angela Merkel has a wicked sense of humour !!!

        She’s been pissing all over the Don since the beginning, he’s frightened to meet her again …. once again, I won’t tell you where or how to look

        but if you are interested the truth is there

  • Rokas Akanichas

    the two blues should also be turning the other way. Just sayin

  • Johnny Alpha
    • Shai Hulud

      blows my mind people in London have so little to do they protest another countries democratically elected leader lol. i guess when the weather is shit and everyone is a pale distant relative of each other, you need stimulation.

      • Gatekeeper


  • Patchy

    And that tie! Such a big tie. The biggest tie. You’ve never seen a tie so big. The democrats might say it wasn’t so big, but let me tell you folks, it was big. Huge!

  • Glaarg

    His small hands make Putin’s dick look bigger.
    Just before he stuffs it in his maw!
    …(oboy… did I just say that?!?)
    *don’t click post as Glaarg..noooo shi-*

    • perthaussieguy

      NSA agent, “How the fuck did this guy know about that?”

    • Gatekeeper

      I bet Merkel’s dick is bigger than yours!

      • Glaarg

        Trump supporter detected!

        • Johnny Alpha

          I’m just getting into Pax mode, thinking about Angela’s dick …
          must be fucking huge

          • Gatekeeper

            I’m sure and it’s probably detachable and has a nice leather garter and high heel boots

        • Gatekeeper

          Oh wow, you must be a friggin genius!! What gave me away, my comment or maybe the Gadsden Flag in a Punisher Skull!! That’s alright I knew you were a Bernie supporter from the first comment you made on here. So I guess we both know something about each other.

          • Glaarg

            Not a Bernie supporter. Let’s just leave it at this and be friends.
            The USA (I’m assuming you are from USA) needs people like us to unite and settle our differences in a civil way for the best positive outcome for everyone!
            Whatever happens, we must be united, or… well you know what they say!
            Peace brother.

  • Shai Hulud

    lol anti trump people literally let this guy be such a big part of their lives. like seriously for how much you guys seem to hate him on this site you post enough about him it seems like you’re the jealous schoolgirl talking shit on the pretty girls loooool.

    • Johnny Alpha

      I do have better things to do with my life, but considering that the Dirty Daughters are passing exams and moving to the next phase in their life….I have a little ‘down-time’

      If that means ripping the shit from a sexist, racist and (quite frankly) ignorant POTUS, that is my choice!

      If you disagree, or even dislike the comments – why the fuck are you here?

      • Shai Hulud

        If you consider walking around with a sign shouting a productive use of your time I strongly encourage you to reconsider the decisions you are making considering your personal harmony and efficacy of your time on this planet. You think Trump will care about your efforts in a month? Or any politician? If he did he’d be dead in the water already

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