My reaction when the boss drops of extra work right before I leave work for the day…

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  • Dragonofarbitration

    Me: I’ll put on my to-do list, Boss!

  • Phoenyx


    • Johnny Alpha

      c’mon !! there’s more faults than that !!

      *the* boss – Bruce is ‘The Boss’

      Of course he’s annoyed if you ‘leave for the day’, you’re supposed to fucking work and get to go home in the evening…

  • Justin_snap

    Followed by a big ol’ hairball to the face.

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    My girlfriend’s boss will receive an email instructing her to get something done, sit on it until it’s almost due then send it to my girlfriend marked “URGENT.”
    She doesn’t plan to work there much longer.

    • Amber Mari

      The gag would be if your gf was proactive by knowing this pattern and emailing her boss ahead of time asking if there was anything she was waiting to send her.

  • Das Puggy

    I changed out a bolt on someone’s machine. That’s exactly how much more work I did after the buzzer than I had to. Actually, I found the replacement about 10 seconds before the buzzer, so I could have been a dick and not worried about it, or I could have taken the 90 seconds to replace the worn one.

  • Amber Mari

    My reaction when my boss is still treating a patient after 5pm on a friday and waits until she’s done to count out the thousand or so dollars to pay us with… I almost missed my eyebrow and eyelash appointment today with the ONLY person I trust with my facial hair since I was 12. I would’ve lost my shit if I had to wait for her to finish someone’s nails.

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