My friend was stopped by some tourists to take a photo of them in front of an advertisement for Tape Face in Las Vegas… My friend IS Tape Face.

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  • The People’s Poet

    Cool story bro.

  • Eh, I don’t know who that is, so I don’t really care much.

    • AcidMan
      • The009

        Never seen that before TY.

      • Johnny Alpha

        you put it up so I don’t have to ;D

      • Justin_snap


      • Patchy


      • Andre Poreskin

        So that’s what passes as talent nowadays?

        • AcidMan


        • Patchy

          Society doesn’t really reward true creativity anymore so we end up with this kind of nonsense. What is most interesting is that there are so many people who like this kind of nonsense. It explains why Trump is in the White House, too, in a way.

          • Andre Poreskin

            I didn’t want to go there (Trump) but I’m going to have to agree with you.

            I guess you could argue that it has Vaudevillian aspects to it, but I detest the reuse of the musical scores for what basically boils down to cheap pantomiming.

    • Johnny Alpha

      well worth a looky-look !!

    • Johnny Alpha

      Sam Wills – I saw him doing street theatre in Barvaria back in 2012, then next time I saw him, he was doing Covent Garden (London) …. then he did a switcharoo and went on AGT

      nice man!

  • Patchy

    Let’s come up with some other awesome alter egos! Glue Hand? Staple Foot? Button Nose?

    • Vava

      Shoe foot!

      • Patchy

        Nice one!

    • Glaarg

      I can be button nose!
      I used to put mattress buttons up my nose and shoot them out at high speed!
      Until one got stuck and my dad had to tweezer the thing out.
      But still… Glaarg is Button Nose!

    • almightybeard

      I’m good for the roll of Jack Ass.

    • Amber Mari

      Fluffy Cheeks… with my sidekick Fluffy (pictured in my avi), the bear who has held my hand through many a tearful leave from home for 29 years. Hard to believe he is 29 yrs old and still has his nose and both eyes.

      • Patchy

        Well, it’s not hard to believe if you believe that he has a great and caring friend to look after him.

  • perthaussieguy

    They didn’t recognise him without the tape

  • lizziesmama

    Love Tape Face.

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