The college of pizza cardinals are standing vigil

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  • Justin_snap
  • Rev. Analbumcover

    I compared Papa John’s to a local chain, Pizza Man. Papa John’s was bland, had skimpy toppings and was unimpressive overall. The Pizza Man one had much more flavorful sauce and sausage, far thicker toppings weighed more than twice as much and cost about 20% less. I’m not sure how Papa John’s is able to keep selling pizzas.

    • the dude

      you should compare it to Dominos. local chains usually taste way better than national chains.

      EDIT: Dominoes is way better too…. i guess just compare PJ’s to a box?

      • Rev. Analbumcover

        I agree local chains usually taste better, but in my previous experience, they cost more. A case of getting what you pay for…but PM sells a 7 pound pizza for 10-15% less than PJ sells a 2 3/4 pounder for. And a huge percentage of that weight is cheese, which according to a pizza shop owner is the most expensive ingredient by far. I sure hope PM stays in business.

        • the dude

          a 7lb pizza? good lord! id like to try that, lol.

  • Windosia

    I could probably do more convincing smoke in MS Paint

  • Daniel Emberton

    send in the johns!!

  • Das Puggy

    I laughed way harder than I expected to.

  • Von Der Tann

    ….in 20 minutes or less.

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