Don’t try this at home

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  • Patchy

    You can say that but you know now there will be gifs galore of other people trying this at home.

  • Justin_snap

    hohoho thats a sneeky, nasty little trick

  • Amber Mari

    I swear to God, I am so easily spooked that if someone did this to me I’d be so mad that I’d probably try to shove that paper in their mouth. I’ve had to get muscle relaxers because when my mom knocks on my bedroom door, for some reason it is loud af and I’m in my own world. It scares the shit out of me, and I jumped one too many times and fucked my back up. Just last week my coworker accidentally snuck up on me right as I was putting a water bottle in my mouth to drink, and I jumped so spastically that I busted my lip and got water EVERYWHERE. I’m never scared of anything I can prepare for, but my fight or flight is “fight, flight, or have a mild seizure”.

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