Hold my protein shake

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  • Я Безымянный

    I love it how the video continued till the towel fell.

    • Armie

      I was thinking about how anticlimactic it would be if it was the gif was to be cut to soon. I was so very pleased that it wasn’t.

      • Drop Message

        Too many gifs end way too soon, so this was a very nice change of pace.

    • Carlos the Dwarf

      And exposed the rod.

      • perthaussieguy

        Which I hope, fell on his head

        • Raedwulf


  • Rev. Analbumcover

    The ending was more satisfying than I had even dared to hope.

    • Johnny Alpha

      everyone likes a happy ending : )

      • perthaussieguy

        …the hard rod disappeared 🙂

  • Fielious

    Does that towel seem extra stiff?

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