Someone tell this fish he can breathe underwater

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  • Rev. Analbumcover

    WTF is this? It looks like a goldfish with water balloons for cheeks and googly eyes instead of real ones.

    • Tryp

      Apparently it’s called a Bubble Eye. Go figure. lol

      • Phoenyx

        Why on earth would it have those‽ That article doesn’t say anything about what benefit they are, just how they can be a huge disadvantage.

        • theninthplanet

          Makes them pretty to humans.

        • Tryp

          Pretty much what theninthplanet said. I’ve looked up a few more articles about them, and they seem to mostly agree that the sacs are a disadvantage for the fish causing them to require special care such as they can’t be kept with more aggressive fish breeds, nor sharp aquarium decor due to the risk of puncture/tearing and the resulting probability of infections and the like.
          The article I’m linking here says they were “developed through crossbreeding mutated crucian carp,” and also talks about their potential use in medicine.

          • Phoenyx

            Yikes. I guess as long as people take care of them, that’s fine. I just feel bad for any released or poorly cared for.

    • Johnny Alpha

      looks like the cheap one after prom, still thinks the sperm bank is open …..

  • Armie

    Is this the legendary water hamster?

    • Vava

      It’s a water type pokemon. Just slightly retarded.

  • Harsh Puppy

    Hey guys look at my impression of dickwithballs! Urr, urr..

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