They’ve successfully filmed the female orgasm…

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  • gar

    this is more like a drag queen puke

    • Amber Mari

      Yes… I would highly doubt this is accurate as we know how hard it is to rid the body of glitter. Could you imagine what a mess this would be? However, this would put a damper on cheating. “Harold, WHERE did this PURPLE glitter come from?! Mine is ORANGE! WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?! WHO IS SHE?! AND WHO IS GONNA WASH THIS OUT?!”

      • outspokenpariah

        it’s not coming out, so now you have to live with it forever. just it and your shame.

      • Johnny Alpha

        sometimes you just have to own your shame ……. one of the daughters, well Ella to be exact, found a pair of ladies knickers in the laundry ….
        “Dad, these aren’t ours!”
        “DAD, have you been fucking around again?”
        “Dad, if I do the wash can I keep them?”


        • perthaussieguy

          You should say, “No, they’re mine!!” And watch their reaction before they realise you are joking.

          • Gregor

            Watch their reaction when you try them on

          • Drop Message

            Who says they’re not his?

            (Not that I’m judging.)

  • Batman2U

    I was thinking unicorn poop, myself

  • a455olds

    Squeezing cupcakes on acid.

  • Well, I would’ve just pointed you to Pornhub, if you wanted to see a video of a female orgasm..

    • Das Puggy

      I’ve seen it.

      • The009

        I was going to ask which one, but then I don’t think they allow that many links in a single reply ;P

        • Das Puggy

          I’m not Jose, I’m not going to link that stuff here. There are actual, real female climaxes on various places on the web, we’ll leave it at that.

      • Knowing you, you’ve seen every single one there.

        • Das Puggy

          I’m not gonna lie, that instance is the most erotic point for me.

          • Anh Thư

            hate to tell you this but most of them are fake

          • Das Puggy

            Porn stars or their moments…. Both, mostly. Real women have real fun, and if real women are faking it, there is a big problem, and the couple need to talk about what is wrong in the relationship.

          • Anh Thư

            yea I was taking about porns

          • Glaarg

            There is a saying:
            Women fake orgasms.
            Men fake entire relationships.

  • BlackSwan

    And just as satisfying.

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