My ex passing by with her girlfriends, pretending she doesn’t see me

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  • Phoenyx

    Wow, that’s a lot of people to be dating at once!

    • HoodieDog

      “…with her girlfriends…”

      • Phoenyx

        Yes. The ex of OP has a lot of girlfriends, like I said. Nothing wrong with poly (heck, I am), but 5 girlfriends at once! Wow!

        • Amber Mari

          Idk if you’re trolling, but her girlfriends are her group of friends who are girls. (If truly confused, I can’t judge because when I was growing up and my older relatives referred to my friends as my girlfriends, I used to wonder if they thought I was gay even though I wasn’t even old enough for a training bra. Like, “Do they know that’s gay or do they think I’m gay and want to spare me the coming out drama?”)

          • Phoenyx

            Nah, I’m just trolling. As a femme person who mostly dates femme people, all the use of “girlfriend” meaning “friend who is a girl” distresses me so much. If I want to tell someone about my “girlfriend”, they often assume I just mean friend, and if someone talks about their “girlfriend”, I’m not sure if they mean they are gay and dating someone or not… In a similar vein, my fiancee and I have a 4 year old, and their other family often says things about them and a “boyfriend”, but when they say something about their “girlfriend”, we have to tease out whether they mean it like their nana uses it or like we would…

          • Johnny Alpha

            In French we avoid confusion by using either ‘ami’ or ‘copine’ – we can even detail it, like ‘monstre salope’

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    Every time I see those birds I remember they’re pink because of the shrimp and algae they eat. The pigment makes it into the flamingos’ feathers. I wonder if that would work with a blond person.

    • Amber Mari

      Now I wonder too! If eating too many carrots over a period of time can turn people orange, surely this could be possible. Or maybe not work on a blonde (because even though it’s light colored, it’s still pigmented), but I definitely want to see an albino try it.

      • Mike Rawlins

        There is argyrosis. If you’re a fool and believe in woo, it’s almost like you deserved it. To be fair, that’s just very sad.

      • Rev. Analbumcover

        I have a friend who ate so many carrots he started turning orange. I didn’t see it but another friend, who I trust to tell the truth on this, told me about (and if you knew the orange guy you’d probably say “Yeah…I can see him doing that.”)

    • fanofde4ever

      I imagine the bleach would have some nasty side effects. Probably best to just put it on the hair normally.

      • Rev. Analbumcover

        LMAO good one

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