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  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    So cute

  • Damien Hampton

    letting your dog eat the toast then eat it again, vomit

    • Daemonius

      I let my dogs eat what I am eating, why does it make you vomit? Even though they lick themselves, a dogs mouth isn’t toxic to humans.

      • Damien Hampton

        might not be toxic but its disgusting

        • Johnny Alpha

          have you ever kissed someone, properly?

          • Damien Hampton

            yeah, never ever kissed someone who has licked their piss/shit off their genitals/ass 10 minutes before it though

            human mouths are full of germs blah blah, there saved your next post

          • Johnny Alpha

            you’ve never kissed someone who has licked your genitals?

          • AcidMan

            It’s only in certain situations.

          • Hmmmm. How do you kiss yourself?

          • Johnny Alpha

            lightly, on the back of my hand, for a job well done : )

          • Glaarg

            With a scrubbing action.

  • Von Der Tann

    Well he does look like a big baby.

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