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  • Johnny Alpha

    speaking of ‘waffles’ – we had lots of UVs for the use of ‘twat-waffle’ as a choice insult

    Are there any more sweary insults that people find particularly pleasing?

    I believe in expanding my vocabulary ; )

    • Cayne

      my favorite is from blade 3 cum juggling thunder cunt. hands down the best to write and scream in a rage from personal experience

    • I don’t really do sweary insults at people in English in the first place, but well, I do happen to like “rabid, mouth-breathing troglodyte” as an insult. That said, I usually insult people in more subtle ways than just calling them names, like I might refer to their inability of finding their way out of a one-room maze with an “Exit”-sign above the door…

    • Shivers

      I’m quite fond of “fartknocker” for no particular reason.

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