All this story needs is Hen Swolo

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  • Richard Rejmer

    Kylo Hen. . . . Like. . what ELSE would it be??

    • lizziesmama

      I was going to make a comment of nothing else but “Kylo Hen” then I read the reply above. Then yours. I then knew I had brethren in humor.

    • Phil

      Hen Solo?

  • Gregor

    In a culture where people are scared of mice, what else do you expect

  • Simone

    I love, in that reply, that he reports the most important thing, which has already been fixed in his mind. He extracted ONE information. The hen’s name. I love it.

  • Chris Thomas

    I have to buy chickens now… and make them wear pants and no tunic…

  • Glaarg

    Chicken whisperer.

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