How to shame your teenage son about his excessive masturbation.

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  • Andre Poreskin

    So not at all? Everyone should masturbate…often and without shame.

  • Vader
    • lizziesmama

      No one has ever answered my question. Do guys put their dick in the sock, or just use the sock as a kind of hot pad?

      • Vader

        King of condom shaped, wouldn’t you say? Let your imagination run wild.

      • Daniel Emberton

        it can go both ways lol

      • Drop Message

        I have never used a sock TBH.

      • Glaarg

        Never have, and I don’t understand the practice at all.

  • Justin_snap

    What is this thing with socks?! Young dudes out there: dont use a sock. Geez. haha

    • Richard Rejmer

      Don’t use a sock. . Be normal. . Use your mother’s panties!!

  • Richard Rejmer

    Don’t use a sock!!
    BE NORMAL. .
    Use your mother’s panties!!

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