When your kid is trans and only your teacher knows it

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41 points
  • Phil

    I thought that clothes aren’t supposed to be gendered.

    • http://meilidraw.com Stickers the Bum

      … and boom like that the crazy ones protest your house, work and life

  • Das Puggy

    Fake News.

    • Johnny Alpha

      No, no it’s true – Lakers are gay!

  • daverbes

    And forcing a child to question themselves just because you think they should is just as abusive. Wasn’t there a SouthPark episode like that?

  • apgrovas

    Well, in all fairness, he IS a Lakers fan, so maybe some kind of counseling is indeed warranted 🙂

  • Entity

    Stop oppressing her!

  • AcidMan

    There are quite a lot of unmarked mine shafts not found on any topographical maps, buddy.

    I’ll help you out.

  • Ryjaxius

    Anyone else read: liberal but fuck – with no pause for the absent comma?

    • theninthplanet

      Everyone’s ass is sore these days.

  • Ara Raven

    The grammar and spelling bothers me more than the incident described. And that’s saying something.

    • Glaarg

      We were all if fucking 6 at one time.

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