It’s a conspiracy

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  • Johnny Alpha
    • Tanya Wicht

      Seriously? He seems average to me.

      • RaddClaw

        That face is average where you live?!… my god, I gotta go to your country

      • Anh Thư

        you either have a very different taste, or insanely high standards.
        I don’t know this person, but given how often i hear his name seems like all the chicks dig him.

        • Dragonofarbitration

          My mom likes his voice, but not particularly his face.

      • Tryp

        You are not alone!

      • Shivers

        Slightly below average to me, and I have a feeling he’d drop several notches if he lost the facial hair.

      • Johnny Alpha

        You is a lady, happy and satisfied – he is definitely on my ‘gaydar’ …

        no fight, more chance for me – we just went from ‘none’ to ‘little’ …

        • Tanya Wicht

          LOL – I just don’t get why people go so gaga over actors. (And have no idea what you mean by “we just went from ‘none’ to ‘little’ …” ) I get that some actors are pretty/handsome – but am sure much of it is partly lighting, make up and plastic surgery – but seriously, they are just actors, not the people they portray.

          • Johnny Alpha

            Sweetie, I’m not ‘gaga’ – but I can appreciate someone doing what I can’t – yes, I’m sure there is a lot of ‘light & magic’ – for me it’s not ‘looks’ it is about portrayal – did they convince me? In his case, yes, every time!
            About chances – I’m not gay, but my chances of having sex with him went from zero to practrically none, I can deal with that!

          • Tanya Wicht

            I did not mean that you were gaga, I got what you meant, I was meaning people in general, how they go all fanny fan bumish, kind of worshipping them, it just seems bizarre to me. Although for me, his acting skills are still average, which is still far better than most in US movies, who seem to be cast for looks alone, or worse, cast in the completely wrong role, just because the are famous.

          • Johnny Alpha

            have you not seen him in ‘Taboo’ ? A BBC production …

            Worth a watch!

          • Tanya Wicht

            Will put it on my list 🙂

          • Johnny Alpha

            you are in for a treat … incest, violence and down right baad ..

      • Vava

        More like savage. There’s absolutely nothing classically appealing.

  • Mounty1103
  • Mona_Lisa

    exactly… there is no concentrating, with that gorgeousness on the screen.

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