Meanwhile in Houston, Texas.

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14 points
  • Arne Focke

    Maybe he is still learning?

  • a455olds

    Silly noob! The foil goes on your head not on your bike! Otherwise the government/aliens can read your thoughts.

    • Carlos the Dwarf


    • Johnny Alpha

      do ‘Texans’ count?

      • Thisisdumb

        Only up to 20, and then they run out of fingers and toes.

        • Dragonofarbitration

          The “special” ones can count higher…

          • Gregor

            The firework specials not even that high

  • Shivers

    Oh, I see, he’s trying to force cars to give him space when they pass him. Of course that doesn’t explain the other side, but I guess counterbalance.

    Or maybe he’s just flipped his lid, who knows.

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