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  • Patchy

    She sucks his dick shortly after this GIF ends.

    • almightybeard

      You gots a link to that? For science of course.

      • Damien Hampton

        yeah we’re going to need that evidence

    • Jake

      By the looks of it, if he kept doing that hair thing she would do just about anything.

    • smac

      Yeah, right! More like she will go let some jerk nail her and when he dumps her ass she will come back for a good “head rub” and a shoulder to cry on. Then go find another jerk who will never give her the “good head” she deserves.

      • Snowstorm

        Just a heads up, the reason girls aren’t into you isn’t because you’re “too nice”.

        • Amber Mari

          Okay, so I wasn’t the only one who wtf’d after reading that.

  • BlackSwan

    Omg… that looks amazing.

    • Das Puggy

      See @patches_mcmatt:disqus ‘s thread. He will leave you after having his way with you.


    Giving head.

  • jlaw812

    Nina dobrev, incase you were wondering

    • Alex Vypex Daigneault

      was just gonna say, she looks familiar but couldn’t quiet place where i’d seen her before

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