Carved stick in water.

Things like this really show you how people of past generations were made to believe magic existed.

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  • ComputerPony

    Probably just a string pull, or something of that effect. If not… Well I’d be interested to know how this actually worked. :3

    • Jake

      Based on the Dynamics of that stick. It has to be a string.

    • Das Puggy

      @disqus_oCiCUmKysu:disqus solved it. You can do the same with a ping-pong ball and a funnel.

  • a455olds

    All I can think is, “Sweet Jesus! what would happen if I peed on that thing!”

    • Das Puggy

      It’s even funnier because at least one girl up voted your comment.

      • a455olds

        My statement out of fear, theirs out of perverse curiosity

      • Amber Mari

        At least 2

  • Raedwulf

    Going out on a limb, but probably an Archimedes screw in reverse, instead of drawing water up within a tube, the stream of water draws the screw up. The stream of water has to flow down fast enough to over come gravity.( while also ignoring the force of water down on it).

    • Daniel Emberton


      • Alexandra Marie

        You spelled “magic” wrong.

        • Daniel Emberton

          same thing.

    • Amber Mari

      George? Did you change your name? (I’m especially suspicious since I haven’t seen G. Dowson post here in quite some time unless I missed it.)

  • Credulous

    On the latest news, Girls are looking forward to pee on it

    • gar

      Girls are always forward to pee.

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