I don’t think she was ready

*casually floats away*

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28 points

    That is NOT Tom Hanks!

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    thw fuck are these people doin

    • Patchy

      Being on drugs from what it looks like.

  • Patchy


    Sir, I wanted you to know that the reason I have stuck around this site for so long now is because of gems like this one. They are few and far between but holy mother fucking god damn shit this is the kind of OMFG-I-CANNOT-STOP-LAUGHING-MY-FUCKING-ASS-OFF kind of stuff that really keeps me coming back for more. Sure most of the time I am severely disappointed and if I were a few decades younger, I’d have see this yesterday on Reddit, but jesus eff. Thanks for everything Hoodie. I love LOLSnaps because it’s fun.

    Edit. Yes, I am a bit tipsy.

    • Raedwulf

      Having a few helps, always.

  • Glaarg

    Sea Worl has gone way down hill :-/

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