No skill required when you’re this lucky.


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  • Justin_snap

    Welcome to the Horde!

  • Vader

    Are we not going to mention he’s throwing the hammer end of that hatchet?

    • m4a4

      I’m sure it was for a trick shot. These people would’ve corrected him before the 2nd time…

    • Aidan Weiss-Rice

      I was going to

    • Daniel Emberton

      yep..thats how you do it..

    • Some Rando

      That’s how I throw them. Sticks fine just ends up with the handle pointing up instead of down.

  • m4a4

    Heh, it doesn’t count as a bullseye unless more than 50% of the blade is in the center circle.

    But it does remind me of the time I threw the big axe for the last shot of the day and hit a clutch circle (which is one of the red circles outside of the main target, very hard to hit), with my buddy also getting a clutch circle at the same time with a small axe.


    So, I guess it was….. HAMMERTIME!

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