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  • MrPotato

    There are plenty of people who dont wake up then that are productive members of society. I dare say more productive than one who sits around making memes

    • James Denman

      Nah m8 people that have night shifts are apparently garbage. 😛

    • Johnny Alpha

      I would suggest that “people who don’t wake up then” are possibly dead and therefore quite useless, unless of course you’re into composting stuff …

      • MrPotato

        Dead people can indeed be very useful! They can donate organs as well!

  • Yuki-Hime

    hoe I dont even get off work until 7am most days

    • Johnny Alpha

      long time no post, and piccie has updated … hehe! 42

      • Yuki-Hime

        ive just been so tired
        11pm-7am, 3pm-11pm, 10am-5pm kinda weeks ya feel

  • brujah1381

    People work different shifts, I typically don’t get up until 9am because my work day starts at 10:30am unless I work overtime.

  • Shivers

    4:15am, and I still hate you.

  • Atle Dørbekknek

    Yes I agree. Police, doctors, nurses and so on working shifts are very useless members of society.

  • Zoe Isabeau Graves

    I work nights and do a job no one knows or thinks about that helps keep a small percentage of the population sane. You’re welcome.

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