What is the weirdest thing you’ve caught someone doing at work?

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  • Shivers

    Way back when, working fast food, I caught one of my employees in the bathroom, with his girlfriend. The public bathroom, not the staff one. He was clocked in while they were going at it. I had to fire him, and that was just…. awkward.

  • perthaussieguy

    Doing some painting at a vacant rental propert…naked
    (I saw him in a mirror …….wait …… I work alone ………*awkward*)

  • Lord Gucci

    Back when I worked retail, I walk into the break room to clock in and the ladies (all could be my grandmother or mom) talking about who they would bang/ thought was cute at work…….of course they started giggling and I walked out and was 5mins late…later i found out they were talking about me…

    • Dragonofarbitration

      There HAS to more to this story!!

      • Lord Gucci

        i mean….i may entertained one of the ladies in hopes of landing the awesome COUGAR CUB COMBO

  • Harsh Puppy

    I caught someone doing his job. Boy that what unexpected.

    • Cayne

      I bet you’re fun at parties

    • Dragonofarbitration

      Did you have to fire him?

      • Harsh Puppy

        I was not the boss. He was.

  • A Turd Named Peanut

    I worked at Papa John’s for my first job. Me and my boss got along well and would play pranks on each other. One morning, she left me a full cup of water turned upside down on the cutting table. I retaliated by hiding all of her pens except for her shittiest one.

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