There was an attempt for 25 inch rims


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  • Chris Thomas

    Fake it til you make it

    • Vava

      He’s got a Land Rover. I figure he’s already made it.

  • Andre Poreskin

    I always laugh at people with the super low profile tires…50% of your shock absorption is in your tires…Enjoy that shit ride, buddy.

    • My previous car came with low-profile summer-tyres and, even though they weren’t super-low-profile, the ride definitely was a lot bumpier than with the winter-tyres that were the regular type. I much prefer less bumpy ride over flashy tyres.

    • clok

      Suspensions have greatly improved in the last 20 years. but you are so correct. Low profile tires are great for the track, all that sidewall flex is gone, and weight, most racing rims (err real ones) are much lighter then rubber tires so less tire, less weight. Lots of good reasons for racing cars to have them.. Thankfully i never liked the looks either. which would be one last reason. But to each there own.

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