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  • Harsh Puppy


  • Mounty1103

    just close the tab and go home

  • smac

    I wish people would understand that when I’m listening to your boring 7 minute story you owe me 5-8 minutes of silence so I can tell my own boring story. Instead I get to say maybe one sentence then they start another story or expand on minute and boring details of the last story. I’d try to give them a hint that I’m annoyed by waiting until they are done talking, saying “yeah, that’s crazy…”, and just walking away.

    It usually doesn’t work, these people seek me out because I’m a “good listener”. I am because I will placate your bull shit in hopes that you will placate mine. Oh and please, for the love of fuck, can no one say the phrase “like I said” ever again? When you said it the first time it was annoying. Telling me you’re repeating your self and then re-stating something boring is like the doc going back in for the ring that slipped off during a prostate exam.

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