When someone is suspiciously kind to me.

I'm that paranoid.

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  • perthaussieguy

    Now it follows you EVERYWHERE

  • Sinister

    This one reminds me of the little dormouse ( Glis glis )that i raise it when i was a kid. Found it in the attic after i saw a hole in the wall; they deposit there wallnuts and found it in the nest. I grow it in a big jar of pickles, and often play with it on hands. One day he escaped from the jar and found it hidden under the pillow; when i took it, he bite my finger pretty bad,still have little scars. I wanted to put it away but other kids come to me, saw it and they wanted it. I sold it for two bucks and gave it away with the jar.
    Later i found out that they catch a beat from their father, because they bring “ a rat” in the house. They throw the jar in the river, but got shattered and the dormouse ran in their storehouse. He lived there well eating the wallnuts and making holes in the rooftop…
    In my language they are called something like “nutter” or “nutty” – from the nut – good name. Also make a noise like coughing with no air – “hnnnnnngggg!” and the glis glis are nocturnal animals. And edible…

  • Some Rando

    Maybe it doesn’t like it’s tiny fingers squished by the giant hand.

    • Drop Message

      Would be my first guess too. I think that’s pretty common in a lot of animals. Our dog used to hate his front paws getting touched too. He didn’t seem to care much about the rear ones, funnily enough.

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