Websites nowadays…

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  • Amber Mari

    I came here from another tab, thought that was my cursor and clicked causing me to close a tab (vape stuff websites ask for age veri, which is why I didn’t think twice. Plus the reefer side effects), continued watching and was like “Well dammit to hell if that isn’t what all those vape sites do anyway once you get in.” Show notifications, use location, turn off adblocker, sign up for a newsletter, ask you to contribute to patreon, make you remember how old you’ve become by making you not remembering having to scroll this much when this feature just started popping up….

    • Amber Mari

      And then scrolling back up to your exact year so you don’t add years even though you know deep down nobody from that website is actually looking at your age and knows it’s you, they just want to document the person accessing said they were old enough so they don’t get sued. But juuust in case they’re judging you, because you’re so old you don’t even know what year the old enoughs were born in.

      • brilliant_observer

        …then after you wade through all of that, you forget what you loaded the site for in the first place….

  • m4a4

    It would’ve been hilarious if Lolsnaps did such an “easter egg” along with this snap

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