How many genders are there?

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  • The People’s Poet

    We are all one within the iris. – Tekhartha Mondatta.

  • Exquisite Jesus

    Ew, no.

    • The People’s Poet

      Yep, the Bible sure does say a lot of hibbity jibbity bibbity swibbity.

  • Harsh Puppy

    Galaxian 79:10.
    Christ, dude, just shoot that alien.

  • Peter Williams

    On a side note, are the media pushing the whole gender divide thing? The way I see it your either xx or xy, thats your gender, how you choose to portray yourself is your gender identity and who your attracted to is your sexual identity. Is that not a fair comment?

    • BearnieZardoz

      This could make sense.

    • brujah1381

      The media isn’t pushing it, Trump’s pushing a new definition of gender to galvanize the base.

      • m4a4

        Apparently the media is, because you bought it (or worse).

        A memo leaked about defining sex, not gender.
        But hey, the media using sex/gender like they’re the same thing just makes it easier for people like you to get mad lol.

        • brujah1381

          A memo “leaked” right before the midterms, ok. I’m not really very invested in the whole gender/sex issue, the thing that bothers me is the party of liberty is always trying to strip some group or another of it’s right to exist to rally the base right before an election and the trans community has been the go to target for the past couple of elections. Republicans introduce bathroom bills to start a controversy, because they don’t want people talking about real issues like how the average person is actually doing in bthis economy, then they accuse the left of being obsessed with identity politics. Aside from the fact of what Trump is doing is awful, my main point was that he’s manipulating you with all of the nonsense he’s spewing. There is no middle class tax cut, the caravan isn’t going to be here for months and when it does show up it’s going to be packed with women and children legally seeking asylum, the definition of sex isn’t going to help anyone and only going to hurt people it’s intended to affect and the only reason we’re talking about any of this is to distract from the conversation about the tax cuts exploding the deficit and the plan to make grandma pay for it by slashing social security and Medicare, the Republican effort to make it harder for Americans to get health coverage, the fact that wages aren’t keeping pace with price increases and how the unnecessary trade wars are making that situation exponentially worse. If Trump and the Republicans don’t get the base focused on identity politics they won’t have a chance to win.

          • m4a4

            And my point was that they’re talking about properly defining sex, not gender (where the media has decided to sensationalize it by using gender).

            I could care less about the rest.

          • brujah1381

            So you don’t care about the content of the argument, your issue is I used the wrong word? Why are you wasting everyone’s time?

          • m4a4

            Yes, it is the issue. If you don’t see an issue with misinformation, then we’re done.

            As your favorite person (Trump) would say, “fake news” Lol

          • brujah1381

            Did my use if the wrong word alter the understanding of the topic? It obviously didn’t since you understood enough about what I was saying to correct me, so yeah, I used the wrong word but so what? It’s hardly misinformation to be ever so slightly incorrect to no lose of understanding from the reader. This is the smallest of nits to pick.

          • m4a4

            Misinformation is misinformation.

            Don’t try to paint it as no big deal. The only people who try to do that are those with an agenda or those who aren’t mature enough to accept that they got something wrong.

          • brujah1381

            We are done. I repeatedly said I used the wrong word but you obviously understood what I meant so it’s not a big deal except that you want to make it one and you already said you don’t care about the point I was trying to make so have a good night troll.

          • m4a4

            Amusing. Because you admitted once to using the wrong word before my last reply (not “repeatedly”), and then you immediately tried to justify your misinformation as “slightly incorrect” (as you are again).

            And, to be clear, just because I understood you used the wrong word doesn’t make your misinformation justified.
            And do me a favor and quote the definition for both “sex” and “gender” before you go trying to convince me they are similar enough to not change the context lol.

            Ps. You’re not Trump, why do I care to correct him to you? How the heck is it logical that I can’t correct someone because “Trump”? Lol, keep on whining about Trump to deflect.

          • brujah1381

            the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).
            “traditional concepts of gender”
            synonyms: sex
            “variables included age, income, and gender”

            Notice the synonyms section.

          • m4a4

            Oh, I noticed a few things.

            1. You already said “We are done” unconditionally. Yet here you are. Two comments later.
            2. You “forgot” the part of the definition on “sex” where it mentions biological (how “convenient”).
            3. You apparently can’t read/comprehend very well. Chronologically, you technically only said you were wrong once before my “Misinformation is misinformation” comment. Suggesting you were wrong, and saying you were wrong are 2 different things. And don’t BS me with including your comments after the fact.

            So, now we are done.

          • brujah1381

            Whatever troll

          • Jackson

            Don’t feed the troll, his reading comprehension is already proven to be garbage considering he said your favorite person was Trump after you just went on a massive rant against Trump.

          • brujah1381

            Also, final point, gender and sex are synonyms, they are interchangeable words so your nit is ridiculous. The bottom line is Trump is trying to change policy to fuck over trans people to light a fire under the base before the midterms. That’s not misinformation, that’s a fact. If you cared about misinformation you’d be railing against Trump instead of screwing with me. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy.

          • brujah1381

            Trump made up a tax cut and that there were Middle Easterners in the Honduran caravan and you’re sticking me with the fake news accusation for using the wrong word?

    • Johnny Alpha

      careful! …. ‘gender’ in the simplistic terms of xx/xy is easy to identify.
      What is getting confused is ‘sexual’ identity – which by definition is waay more complex …

      as my Danish Mormor would say “just grow a pair and stop whining”

    • Flingebunt

      The media don’t push things, they cover anything that will start a fight and get people riled up and upset.

    • Shivers

      Close, though I’d quibble that the XX/XY concept is probably better expressed as “sex”. Even then it’s not even 100% accurate (Sometimes a chromosome doesn’t express… XXY, XYY, and a couple other combinations are still viable.)

      I am however okay with people distinguishing between sex and gender… in appropriate contexts IE medical care. I’m less okay with it being used as the criteria for say, bathroom use.

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