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  • editorial office
  • ssttooppiitt

    I am software developer, and recently switched company.
    I my new job, my Manager said “Just ask me anything you want to know regarding the process and policies. Anything technical just ask Bing, the tech guru of our team”.

    I was just confused for the moment, thinking did I really join a company that thinks Bing is better than Google.
    It was after two days that I realized Bing is my team lead who is currently on vacation.

  • Andrew Clayton

    unwritten rule, bing is for porn. doesnt matter what you’re messed up shit you’re looking for, bing is better than google for that.

    • Raedwulf

      Wrong. Internet is for porn.

  • Kate Blackwell (bing has a cameo in part 2)

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    I always say that Google is better for searching, but Bing is better for videos and pictures

  • Flingebunt

    Actually for a while the Bing people were just googling stuff and using that as the basis of their search results.

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