Dinner delivery


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  • perthaussieguy

    That is a fuckton of food for 2 people !!

    • BearnieZardoz


      • Are you trying to imply you aren’t? Because I don’t believe that for a bit!

        • BearnieZardoz

          The food stuff looks good, yes, a bit jealous maybe, but I would love to cook it first, before I eat it. Part of the fun.

      • perthaussieguy

        Lol. Many Korean dishes are too spicy for me 🙁
        One of the best Korean dinners I have had was in Perth a few years ago with several Vietnamese friends. There was a large BBQ plate in the middle of the round table and you cooked your own food piece by piece. The beauty of this is that the last mouthful is as freshly cooked as the first. Similar concept to the Chinese Steamboat 🙂

        • BearnieZardoz

          Sounds good to me. I like to eat very hot, but I have to hold back now for reasons 😉

          • Johnny Alpha

            ‘Hot’, spicey?

          • BearnieZardoz


        • Dragonofarbitration

          Best restaurant I have been to was in Guernsey, it was a Sushi restaurant(Cafe Fuji). We sat at the bar(I took my parents) and the chefs cooked everything fresh right in front of us! They did all the flair and flipping and stuff. It was over twenty years ago and I still remember it.

          • Richard Rejmer

            That style of Japanese cooking, done on a hotplate and then served directly onto the diner’s plate (often done with lots of showy moves) is called Teppanyaki

        • Amber Mari

          Not gonna lie Korean BBQ is the fucking best. We have a place here.

        • Shivers

          KBBQ is awesome. Had some myself last week.

    • Я Безымянный

      There’re 3 sets of dishes. So kind of them to feed their cameraman slave.

      • Johnny Alpha

        ‘the spare wheel’

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