Well ….. shit!!


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  • RC

    Oh I dunno….that gets old fast.
    Worst joke is when you met the right person and they’re already taken by an abusive douchebag that they are convinced they can change.

    • Я Безымянный

      This only happens to women, I believe. Men rarely want their lady to change.

      • RC

        No there are definitely men being abused who ignore it as they think they can make things better.

  • Das Puggy

    And sometimes you meet them again when you’re both available. My life now.

    • Alexandra Marie

      Same here. Yay for us!

  • Johnny Alpha

    Still not as bad as meeting the wrong person at the wrong time …

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfImWRSGAtvKST-7pgxS6ww Christie

    right job, wrong time is rough too.

  • Cayne

    been there. wish I could go back in time

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