Not my fault

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  • The People’s Poet

    I am ugly as sin and still managed to convince 2 women to bear my children…stop making excuses and get your ugly mug out there.

    • Johnny Alpha

      Oh dear! my bad … was it
      a) As horrendous as you are, they might might have also fallen out of the ‘ugly tree’ except they hit every branch on the way down
      b) You showed them your cock

  • ComputerPony

    Because I’m socially awkward and emotionally stunted, maybe? Oh wait! It’s because I was constantly beat down by the way society sees ‘men’ and as such I have absolutely no self esteem?

    • Ara Raven

      *the way society beats down anyone not deemed an ‘ideal human.’ I still haven’t managed to recover the battered scraps of self esteem that were beaten out of me (sometimes literally) by a society angry that I’m not as hot as they want me to be.

      Fortunately for me, turns out self esteem has little to do with finding a partner. Being a giant nerd on the internet does. 😀

      • Cayne

        being a giant female nerd helps. sorry. i am a giant nerd on the internet and unfortunately all of the female nerds are take or are very very very very quiet

        • Ara Raven

          It only helps on the internet. In the real, I was twice physically bullied out of getting involved with something nerdy because I was a girl. I’m still thoroughly bullied on the internet, but I make my own power here, and I either play with the bullies or just block them. I can’t blame other female nerds for being quiet rather than dealing with happens when you are a visibly nerdy female. I’m an odd one out there in that I was primarily physically bullied before the internet, so trolls chasing me around calling me horrible names, making horrendous and inappropriate sexual suggestions, and telling me to kill myself just don’t bother me much. They aren’t hitting me, so I can block them out. A lot of the shy, introverted women found in the nerd class can’t do that. Frankly, a lot of men can’t handle it either, plus men have to deal with how if they mention it’s hurting them, they get even more abuse for being weak pussy men, but that’s a whole other discussion.

          • Cayne

            as always… you are very very right.

          • donnie1976

            But why?! Can’t people just be whoever they want to be? Maybe I’m too naive… I just don’t get bullying, whether online or IRL. How does demeaning someone else boost your ego? And what frightens me most is that bullying of the worst kind can bring you to the top of the world: calling names, mimicking and mocking, physically removing people you don’t like from rallies, racial bias, you name it… Oh and he got the ugly too, or at least if not inherited from his parents, he’s working very hard to achieve it in the most flashy fashion.
            Oh, and for the record, nerdy women are cool! My wife isn’t one, though, which sometimes leads to some argument about the way I spend too much time on the Internet, and on the computer in general :p

      • ComputerPony

        You make a fair point. They do batter down literally everyone. And it’s complete bullshit.

    • Johnny Alpha

      Learn to ‘play the game’ with us … plenty of friends and damn few trolls … you’ll just have to learn how to translate any new found skills to RL in a modest way …

      Lolsnappiens are on line 24/7 so if you want to vent, ask an opinion of, well, anyone, anytime !!
      We’ll all eventually read what you have said/asked and will reply accordingly.

      (I can’t say I’m any font of knowledge, but I have raised two girls to majority as a single dad and so have a pretty wide experience base …)

      • ComputerPony

        Yeah but ya see, that’s the problem. I am very capable of talking just fine online. Because I can take my time and think about my words. But in ‘real time’ I flounder. :3

        • Johnny Alpha

          well, if you have a genuine desire to more active in RL, it will happen …
          definitely not tomorrow, but it will.

          When my ex upped and left me with the Dirty Daughters, I tried to join a ‘singles alone with kids group’, to try and find some support.
          They were all women and asked me not to come back because I made them feel awkward (I think because they couldn’t have their bitch/witch session against men).

          Soo, it took a few goes before I found a place where I was welcome – and that was an ‘arts & craft’ club!

          Soo outside my demographic … :/

          But being with a mixed generation group who treated the gatherings as social as well as hobby based was an eye-opener!
          Wrinklies who wanted to treat the DDs and teach them how to glue glitter to just about anything, teenagers who were practically begging me for baby-sitting hours and some yummy-mummies to flirt with …

          My daughters still go back, luckily I’m not forced to although there are still a few I meet for the occassional natter and bottle of vino.

          • ComputerPony

            Yeah, the only problem I have is that my state is super religious. And I am not. So… I don’t know. I’ve accepted my lot in life.

          • Johnny Alpha

            don’t ever, ever accept ‘your lot’!!

            Obviously there are lots of details I don’t know and would never presume to ask on an open forum.

            You can see the ‘flavour’ of other Lolsnappiens by their posts and replies, and I’m sure you have favourites – probably for all the wrong reasons, but I can definitely suggest (if you’re interested) a mixed bunch of ‘names’ who’d give you honest answers.

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