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  • Shivers

    Holy macaroni.

  • Daniel Emberton

    you win this round fluid dynamics..

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Why are you even putting water into a strainer in the first place?

    • Daemonius

      You should always rinse pasta/macaroni with cold water to stop the pasta/macaroni from overcooking.

      • BearnieZardoz

        Ah, the age old fight of good versus bad. The eternal struggle to make people see the light. The myths and the busters….

        As it usually goes, you can believe the myths or the busters, it’s up to you. In the end, if you like the end result the way you do it, it must be at least “okay”. I believe with cooking and eating there’s a lot of getting expectations met, not about scientific exact values and adjusting screws to fixed points. As long as the stuff is made wrongfully or rightfully as your mom did when you were a kid, it’s fine.

        and there’s a page by a Chef who loves experimenting. This doesn’t say anything about the rinse thing, but I like that page for other points, and just include it here, as I always do when it comes to pasta cooking 🙂

        • Ara Raven

          Reminds me of an argument I had with a viewer when I was cooking pasta on stream. I always heavily salt my pasta water, and she was going on and on and on about how salting the water does nothing, it’s a hoax, just a bunch of stupid people mindlessly doing things the way grandma did. I salt my pasta water for two reasons: 1. because I live at a high altitude, and salt raises the boiling point of water. With salt, my pasta water is closer to the temperature it would be at a lower altitude, i.e. closer to the altitude most pasta instructions are designed at. I’ve found that I get better taste and better consistency when I correct for altitude like this. And 2. because I fucking like the taste already, a little salt really enhances the flavor of just plain pasta. I’m the only female ever in my family to salt their pasta water, so fuck off and let me enjoy my food.

          • BearnieZardoz

            and not only that, when you salt the water, less of the starch goes out of the noodle, because there’s already a slight saturation of the water, what with the salt.
            I agree with your two points. How much salt do you put? In the large pot I have (I guess 5 litres), I put 2 Tbsp. salt.

          • Ara Raven

            Lol I’m terrible about measuring, I do about a 2 second pour. I adhere to the method of, “Always add twice as much salt as you think you need.”

            And I stream general cookery on Thursdays. My schedule is usually gameplay on Mon, Wed, Fri, cooking on Thurs, and DMing a D&D game on Sun. This Thursday’s cooking stream is even going to be for charity. 😀

          • BearnieZardoz

            Ah cool. I am an avid hobby cook meself, and I get told, one can even eat my stuff. Some eMail-Addy for me to share an URL with you?

          • BearnieZardoz

            Why do you cooking pasta on stream? 🙂

      • Novo Caine

        No. You should never rinse pasta because it strips away all the starch the sauce is supposed to stick to. You should undercook pasta, because it will continue cooking from it’s own heat once strained, not rinse it. Source: I’m a trained chef.

        • Rev. Analbumcover

          What happens to pasta if you overcook it?

          • Novo Caine

            It has a shitty texture and it’s not nice to eat.

          • Rev. Analbumcover

            I actually like it that way.

          • Johnny Alpha

            turns to fanny (UK version) batter, eventually …

        • Johnny Alpha

          as a damn good cook through the trial & error method, I can only concur : )

      • Simone

        Go on and try to tell this to any Italian, I dare you.

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