Nothing like a cat

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  • RC

    Yes…cos it’s a dog.
    Why the fuck are you spraying water at a power socket you fuckmuppet?

    • Some Rando

      Better question. What kind of fuckmuppet puts a power socket in the shower?

      • Johnny Alpha

        The stupidity is quite awesome …

      • James Denman

        It looks like an outside water feature to me. The sort of thing you might put some fish in, and its just that this owner uses it as a dog bath. If it is outside then I would have to imagine that those are weather resistant sockets, even if they dont look much like it. And if theyre meant to be able to deal with rain, then a spray nozzle on a hose aint gonna do shit. So maybe thats why?

        Though looking closer Im probably wrong cause I cant see a cover on the socket and I dont think anyone makes sockets that have internal weather proofing, so what do I know?

        • Jonathan Strider Matthews

          I don’t think it would be a water feature like that. First off, there’s the upper left corner of the video, it looks like there are tagged items hanging like they’re at a store. Secondly, there’s a drain built into the sink making it appear that this area is not meant to HOLD water so much as drain it. And then there is the faucet with hot and cold water. You wouldn’t need a faucet over a water feature like that, and you wouldn’t really need hot water in an outside area, typically. My guess is it’s some sort of pet store/grooming salon.

          • James Denman

            Good point, it just reminded me of some of the weird ass water features I saw people have when I lived in the UAE.

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      Upvote for “fuckmuppet.”

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