My life so far

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  • Das Puggy

    *married to it for more than 20 years

  • Johnny Alpha

    you can not believe the horrors this simple statement gives me …

    Our job is is to supply 2 meals /day (strarter, meat, sweet – in the language)
    to 4000 invalids, twice/day

    I love making jokes about the sickoes – but that’s my job,

  • IMHO

    Red flags, check all that apply:
    1. Batshit crazy
    2. Passive aggression
    3. Disapproval of your friends
    4. Excessive interest in your bank account
    5. Checking your whereabouts each 10 minutes
    6. Unjustified jealousy
    7. Rummaging through your phone, computer files, and social media accounts

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