At the doctor’s office…


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  • perthaussieguy

    I’ve been to many doctor appointments over several decades both here in Oz and in England. I can’t recall ever been asked by the receptionist my reasons to see the doctor. I guess this is just for the joke.

    • Shivers

      I was about to say, this is a violation of patient privacy.

    • Haze1nut

      France, UK, and US. Never asked. Even at the ER you just write it down on a paper so they know how to move people around.

    • The People’s Poet

      Same. I have never been asked by a receptionist anything other than information about what time I want for my appointment and if I have a preferred doctor.

    • ComputerPony

      I’ve been asked by literally every receptionist I’ve ever been to what the reason for my visit was. I assume it’s supposed to save time so they can put it in the chart and whatever, but it is *super* awkward at times.

      • perthaussieguy

        Wow !!!!

        • ComputerPony

          Maybe it’s just something with my state? I haven’t the slightest.

      • Amber Mari

        They should already have known when the appointment was made.

      • Patchy

        Why not call ahead to make the appointment and then tell them at that time what the cause is?

      • Rev. Analbumcover

        I don’t believe I have ever been asked that by any receptionist. Why would they even need to know? Maybe they’re just being nosy. (Two minutes earlier: “I bet you lunch the next guy that walks in here has a problem below the waist…”) Unless somehow your clinic makes appointments with patients without asking them the reason at that time, which would be weird and inefficient.

    • Amber Mari

      Yeah. I thought you were supposed to tell them that either when you make the appointment or once you get into the screening room.

  • BearnieZardoz

    I refuse to believe, this is real. I just WANT to believe such an asshole can’t seriously exist. But the really shocking thing is, I have my doubts…

    • Dragonofarbitration

      There is likely a tiny grain of truth in this(VERY tiny) and someone has embellished it.

    • Gregor

      I’m fairly sure such asshole receptionists do exist, many people with perverted morals find it objectionable to talk about the human body in practical terms

      • Tanya Wicht

        Yeah, but what are they chances they wont get fired for it. Weirdly enough, even doctors want their patients to keep coming back.

  • Flockacox

    This actually made me laugh, I had to turn in a STOOL sample to a lab. I went to the front desk drop off area, and the lady asked LOUDLY… “IS THIS A STOOL SAMPLE???”

    How TF do I respond???

    • PATMAN

      Really loud, with “Well, No Shit!!!”

    • Daniel Emberton

      “i hope so..or im concerned for the chocolate pudding i had on the way here”

  • Patchy

    I stopped reading after realizing it was made up.

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